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August 31, 2008

Hey everyone Im sorry I havent been posting much but anyway Ive been so busy with school (clubpenguin high school) If you havent see that new page go there heres the link… then once you go to that site go here… that is the clubpenguin school district ok I work for both I am gym teacher at clubpenguin high school and at clubpenguin school district I am events manager but they are together and still looking for more schools for the district hope you guys enjoy and im sorry I will be either on chilly1248s chat or pizzapizza99s chat or my chat but very rarely on my chat so see ya later!!!!




August 26, 2008

Ok everyone now pat97pat is having school we are going to have a page on it that shows the website and all the info so be looking for the new page soon ok so have fun and enroll in the school!!!


August 24, 2008

Hey everyone every single time I go on server frozen there are HACKERS AHHH!!! People dont hack it can ruin clubpenguin dont hack anything it is very very bad!!!!

There is a picture of the hackers to prove it so dont hack!!!


August 23, 2008

Hey everyone just saying happy birthday to vrael89 he got a laptop for his birthday!!! WOOT!



new party

August 23, 2008

hi guys dg here a new party came out yesterday and its the cp games also the face paint came out again but anyway i dont have anything else to say bye

2,000 Hits party!

August 18, 2008

Hey everyone im having my 2,000 hits party kinda late I know but here is the info:

When: Monday August 18, 2008

Where: Town

Time:  2:00 pst (penguin standard time)

Server: Freezer

Hope to see you there if I forgot something please tell me remember to look at the post below too!


August 18, 2008

Hey everybody welcome to the Club Penguin Games! We are now announcing teams for the Club Penguin Games! Here is melberys team!Melberys team is the red team!

Melbery(Team leader)

Dgff101 (co- team work)

Locker78 (Team Member)

Kuncx (Team Member)

Now for Yert456s Team! Yerts Team is the green team!

Yert456 (Team Leader)

Spiderfincp (Team Member)

Fergie18047 (Team Member)

Still needs more people for his team!

Now for Nothinbuts Team! Team black!

Nothinbut (Team Leader)

That is all he has come on please please please help him make a team!

That is all if you have a team of your own im usually on pizzapizza99s chat if you want to tell me your team so I can post it up here! But you can also comment to tell me!If you do tell me your team tell me your team color! Team Captin! Team Members! So comment or find me on chats but thats the chat I usually go on so have fun maybe your team will be up there that would be cool!