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3,000 Hits Party!

September 30, 2008

Hey everyone we have finally made it to 3,000 Hits woot! any way here is the party info!

When: Wednesday October 1, 2008

Time:  2:00pm  pst (penguin standard time)

Where:  Dance Club

Server:    Frozen

Why:    3,000 Hits Party!

Everyone please come to this party it would be awsome and it would be even more awsome if we all dressed in halloween clothes if you have them just wear what ever you want but tell all your friends about this and everything! Have fun see ya there!




September 30, 2008

hey guys its me dg again i just wanted to post again im ganna post everydayon here maybe even two times a day and also you probably saw nothinbut got added to our site and ummm I LIKE MONSTER TRUCKS LOL

Pages and new author

September 30, 2008

Hey guys its me nothinbut and im a new author now if you look at the title you will see pages what i mean by that is that there are only 3 personal pages but hold on (1…2…3…4…5….) theres 5 authors! 😮 i know this may shock you but help is on the way!!! and uh stuff like god bless america and stuff bye…

🙂 hopefully your favorite author– Nothinbut

Nothinbut Edit:Update actually there are 6 authors!!!! Sorry but im bad at counting(and the whole math subject!)

Melbery: I know nothinbut I just havent got around to doing that and I never see tbone9090 to get the info and im working my hardest I know Please but I also did that on purpose because those are the main authors I had for several months thats how the site began so I might keep it that way so yeah!



September 30, 2008

hey guys its me dg i got on our site this safter noon and there were 5 ppl on thats great thnx everybody for your support

New Header!

September 29, 2008

Hey everyone say thanks to pat97pat for making a new header for this site and everyone if you will please participate!!!!! PLEASE LISTEN! OK we need to bring this site back to life so I want you guys to advertise everywhere and tell yourfriends about it put it in your blogrolls on your site please post about it please just help us come back please just visit this site ask questions on the questions page ADVERTISE YOUR SITE I MEAN COME ON we need a 3,000 hits party really bad so come on please particiapate in this and have fun with it our goal is to get to 3,000 hits so we can have a party!


fall fair and new header

September 29, 2008

hey guys its me dg the new header rox and heres a pic of the fall fair even though everybodys probably already seen it fallfair.jpg

Best Site for Club Penguin Info!

September 29, 2008

This is the best site if you want to know info about clubpenguin and what is happening this gets updated alot go to this site!