Author Contest Round 2!

Hey everyone here is Author contest #2 if you want to do this make sure you have done #1 first please or yours will not count!

Here are your questions:

Who is my cousin in real life and we play cp together:

What is my jobs on Club Penguin High School:

How many hits does your site have:

Will you help this site tremendously:

There are your round #2 questions please participate thanks I will add every once in a while please please comment!

P.S. if you havent done #1 do that first!


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2 Comments on “Author Contest Round 2!”

  1. Nothinbut Says:

    1. Well i know him so thats easy its Dgff101
    2.Its gym teacher and assistant principle last time i checked
    4. Well I’ll try at least
    P.S. Im happy that your not quiting xat
    Melbery: Thanks for participating!

  2. divotoo Says:

    1. Dgff101
    2. Vice principal, and gym teacher
    3. 2,698
    4. I will definetly

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