Hey everyone noone ever visits this site anymore please visit ask questions please please please ask questions join the school please please please visit tell your friends tell on xats and stuff just please help us with the site I used to go up 100 hits a day now I get 1 every other day so please help us please!


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One Comment on “Noone!”

  1. Jackwen 2nd Says:

    I like your website how did you get the pics and stuff I typed in my web all the stuff and it says this blog is not found

    Melbery: Ok this is what you have to do! You cant just type in a blog and it will show you will have to register to get your own blog go here to do that: then once you get the blog you can edit it there are a ton of things you can edit with! But the pictures you have to make your self and upload them like my friend vrael89 and I made those pictures and also you can make other people authors! Hope that helped!

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