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Contest #20!

October 30, 2008

Ok everyone here is our 20th contest yay!!!!

OK here is what you have to do: You make me a halloween header and whoever makes the best it will be put on the site and make sure this is a halloween header! By the way my theme for wordpress is freshy if you need to know that!



5,000 Hits Party You are all invited!

October 28, 2008

Hey everyone we have finally reached 5,000 hits! So here is the information for the 5,000 hits party!

When:  Saturday, November 1, 2008

Server:   Sleet

Where:    Melberys Igloo on the map!

Time:    2:00 pst (penguin standard time) found at the snow forts!


Tell everyone hopefully it will be big!


Contest Winner #19

October 27, 2008

Nothinbut is our winner!


Contest #19

October 23, 2008

Ok here is a scavenger hunt sort of thing again the answer is going to be hidden somewhere on the site again!

Ok here is what you have to do you have to find out where the hidden question is then you have to go find the answer on one of these sites posted below

Good luck!



October 23, 2008

hello its me dg and i am not happy me and mel have fun working on this site and who ever put a one o the poll see if you can do better huh huh I DIDNT THINK SO so if you guys can give more apreciation to us that would be nice im glad i took your time up thank you

Im sad!

October 22, 2008

Hey everyone im kind of sad because someone really must hate my site they gave it a 1 so if I get more ones there is a risk of no more contests and the site being shut down but thanks for your truthful opions!


P.S. People how can you hate dgff101 more people hate him then like him hes my cousin why doesnt anyone like him what did he do to you hes awsome YOU ROCK DG!

dgff101 says: it would be nice for the things i do if somebody can say thanks dg i never get that how do you think that makes me feel and makes me feel like im doing completly nothing


October 22, 2008

this poll can tell me how you feel about me being a author on this site be true