Hey everyone since everyone is doing a contest I might as well too here is the contest:


Tell me what these are and put them in order from left to right!

Hint: The last one is a pin

Have fun


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6 Comments on “Contest!”

  1. skape1 Says:

    blue cape,dragon custome,black sneakers

  2. Laisad Says:

    a shoe,a blue cap,a dragone costume,red shoes,black sneakers,and snowflake pin.Im not sure with all of them.

  3. jackwen2 Says:

    black mask
    blue cape
    dragon suit
    red electric guitar
    black shoes
    blue shirt thingy i dont know the name of it

  4. mack5679 Says: cape3.dragon suit4.guitar5.shoes6.snowflake pin

  5. henry 94 Says:

    black mask super hero capedragon customered guitar black shoes and

    Melbery: You forgot the last thing

  6. kevflaps Says:

    1 black mask! 2 blue cape! 3 dragion outfit! 4 red gauiter 5 black sneckers 6 ice cube pin

    Melbery: We have our first winner of our first contest yay kev!!!

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