Ninjas, Map, Dojo, Top of dojo, Mystery penguin, WOW!

If you have not been on clubpenguin latley there have been a few things that are quite strange first of all the map noone knows how and why it became and got this way look below for the picture!

See what I mean all the places are mixed up and they are in like a really good 3D form if you know what I mean!?!?!?!?!? Second if you look at the top of the map the dojo is clearly visible, why? take a look below and  you will see!

Do you see yet if you still dont know this is what happened snow came right through the roof of the dojo just go up those green steps and your at the top of the dojo wow!

Wow never thought you could go up there also look over to the very right who is that shoveling hmmmmmm? If you click on him this is what will show up!

Is this supposed to mean something who is this? If you have an idea who this penguin is and what is going on comment below so we can see your ideas!?!?!?


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10 Comments on “Ninjas, Map, Dojo, Top of dojo, Mystery penguin, WOW!”

  1. Nothinbut Says:

    its cp’s first hobo!

    Melbery: ROFL that is hilarious nothinbut you never know it could be but I highly doubt it lol!

  2. cool what is the ??????’s name

    Melbery: Thats the problem noone knows the penguins name its the mystery penguin no one knows who he is!?!?!?!? Do you have an idea?

  3. quick inc Says:

    might be a hint that ninjas are coming to clubpenguin

    Melbery: Could be!

  4. babyviolet57 Says:


    Melbery: Are you sure I think everyone thinks that it has somthing to do with ninjas!

  5. I was told by the Dircetor that I can give 1 hint avout the “mystery penguin” but only 1. The first person with a question will get an answer. So make it a good one! Until Then…..Waddle On!

    Melbery: I dont think you are a real moderator im sorry!

  6. Annecan Says:

    My guess is that hes the penguin who built the dojo and its his old house or something.


    He could be that polar bear in some of the secret mishons discised as a penguin planing to TAKE OVER CLUBPENGUIN!!!!!!!!!

    Melbery: Wow really really good answer great guesses!

  7. dgff101 Says:

    probably the ninjas master that helped build the dojo or hes a hobo like nb said

    Melbery: Thats a good answer dg but umm well HA HA HA LOL i love the hobo thing lol!

  8. Stormija Says:

    Ithink hes a sensei. Well you know the master of ninjas. I think that every few days he will dig closer and closer and we would be able to go to meet ninjas!

    Melbery: Thats a really really good answer I think it is or you saw chillys post then made up the end but I dont know that!!

  9. moondy da da Says:

    His Name is MASTER

  10. Coandamon Says:

    hm.. thank you 🙂

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