Hello everyone over the last few days you have been voting for the next 3rd head of my site! Well the time is now… Who one? Well you cannot find out just yet… all of these people have worked to try to win 3rd head of my site, but only one could win, and I thank all the candidates. Next I also want to mention the 2008 Peng Place Election, this election was inspired by that! Now if you really really want to know who won! Click Here!

Now below you can see the final votes

Click Here!

Now as you can see we have a new page the sponsors page! If you would like to become a sponsor of this site (no you dont have to pay anything) just give me a picture or link to what is sponsoring… For example if I wanted Heatblast227s site to sponsor then I would need a link to his site! I hope that makes sense you can either comment in the comment area on that page or find me on xat somewhere!


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One Comment on “Results!”

  1. Chilly1248 Says:

    WOOHOO :mrgreen: thank you very much!

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