Hello everyone we have not latley got the Nightly News Report! So anyway here is the news! Welcome, Melbery here saying its very chilly outside still snowing could have some snow left on the ground after tonight, but also maybe some ice! Anyway, Christmas is almost here its getting closer and closer every single day! It looks like Rockhopper is coming for Christmas too! Go to the Beacon, located on top of the light house! Then look out the telescope and you can see Rockhopper coming and it looks like his ship is painted Christmas colors! On other news, the team here (Melbery and Dgff101) and probably a few others are hoping for the Christmas Party it will snow! Dont forget Melberys party for reaching 7000 hits! here is the information…

When: Saturday December 20, 2008

Where: Dance Club

Server: Sleet

Time: 2:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time)

Why: 7000 Hits Party!

I hope everyone will come!

P.S. If anyone has any news that you would like us to brodcast just please comment below and then the next news report your news story could be in the post! So think about that if you have any news to tell!

Thanks and tune in tommorrow for more!

~News Caster Melbery~

Chilly-AWSOME! Chilly is my favorite kind of weather :mrgreen:

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