Video I was talking about!

Hey everyone here is the video of me and my peeps being random!



P.S. Some of you may know Vrael89 well anyway he is going in for surgery today! So wish him good luck! And also pray for him!

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2 Comments on “Video I was talking about!”

  1. ~Lime Green Gal Sea~ Says:

    KOOL! I WAS MILEYCYRAS3!! PLEASE SO PHOTOS!!! :mrgreen: OHH OK!! *CLICK CLICK* Oh i have to go every one!! I LOVE YALL! byee

    Melbery: Yeppers your in that video!

  2. 1221jamw Says:

    hi i saw your comment on my site. =) ill put you on my blogroll im not logged in tho. It’s mine and bobo422’s site he was nice and let me work on it=). anyway i love your site its only awesome peace out


    Melbery: Thanks 1221jamw, remember about the contest coming soon! It will be coming really really soon!

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