Dgff101 and Melbery Christmas!

Today Dgff101 opened his Christmas presents here on tuesday! Here is a list of what he got!

Wii Fit

Rockband 2

3 Plush toys, Construction Worker, Pizza worker, and Coffee worker!

Thats it!

Also, Dgff101 is coming up for Christmas at our Grandmas House!

Tommorrow (wednesday) Melbery (me) Is opening presents, then on Christmas day I go to my Great Grandmas house! Then the day after Christmas Me and Dg are going to have Christmas together! Well thats pretty much it!

Tell me about your plans for the holidays!


~Melbery~ And –~Dgff101~–

dgff101 says: me and mel dont act like cousins we act more like bros and mel you can sing when i bring rockband up i got the drums ready to go so thank you and have a awsome christmas p.s IM NOT GIVING ANYBODY MY CODES SO DONT ASK!

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5 Comments on “Dgff101 and Melbery Christmas!”

  1. iceman486 Says:

    iv had rockbande 1 and 2 i have every clubpenguin toy that cam out cuz i doght theme iv had wii fit iv got all the game sistumes

  2. Stiche Says:

    Well whats im doing is gonna wait all day for tomorrow going to lose my mind then on christmas i will wait until the time my dad wants us to wake him up. then we open gifts. then the place looks like wrapping paper store exploded. then we clean. then we have breakfast. then we play with our gifts. then we take naps well atleast i do. then i play more. then we have dinner. then i play more. and then i pass out where ever!

    Melbery: Wow sounds fun!

  3. Dav45623 Says:

    I got the Club Penguin Igloo Playset, Shadow guy And reporter mix and match, Nintendo Wi-fi usb stick,Epf Game, A Sliver ds and a computer desk and A suprise i dont know what it is yet!

    Melbery: Awesome, do you have a wii? If you do, do you have guitar hero? Because well do you have wifi for wii for gutiar hero? Cause I will play against you!

  4. 1221jamw Says:

    heyy Merry Christmas melbery and other authors have a good time i hope you guys get your wish’s

  5. jackwen2 Says:

    SPOILED lucky i only get 1 thing for Knishmas but it is of pure awesomeness

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