Contest Saturday!

Hey everyone there is going to be a contests Saturday! I will tell you what it is going to be so you can be prepared!

It is going to be an igloo decorating contest! Doesnt matter what theme  just make it the best you can!

There will be 2 judges! Thats me, Melbery and Chilly1248

The judging will be on Sleet Saturday! 12:00 PST (penguin standard time) so I will visit each igloo on the map and choose a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd and thats it! So start decorating and I will see you saturday! 12:00 PST! Hope you win!



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15 Comments on “Contest Saturday!”

  1. Boomboombu Says:

    Is it ok if I keep my christmas theme?

    Melbery: Sure!

  2. Blu lou 12 Says:

    Ok awesome

  3. Boomboombu Says:

    than i am perfectly prepared

  4. gordato Says:

    Do you know Chilly 1248?!?! You are really lucky! Howd you get him to help you judge ur contest with you?

    Melbery: Chilly1248 is my really really good friend and I think this is chilly im watching you!
    Chilly- huh?

  5. beau5000 Says:

    Mel, if i meet you there can you plz add me cause im a big fan of this site!

  6. ~Lime Green Gal Sea~ Says:

    Do you have to be a member?
    Oh wait….. ya you do lol

    Melbery: Uhh wait uhh I smell a blonde lol!

  7. ~Lime Green Gal Sea~ Says:

    No i am not blode, i am brunette! lol

    Melbery: I think your a blonde you know why you cant even spell blonde right!!!!

  8. ~Lime Green Gal Sea~ Says:

    lol, I am not, but most of my family is! HA HA!

    Melbery: You get up every morning get out the Cheerios Cereal Box and open it and say oooooooo DOUGHNUT SEEDS!

  9. ~Lime Green Gal Sea~ Says:


    Melbery: Im sure it was…

  10. ~Lime Green Gal Sea~ Says:

    i cant wait 4 your nxt typo…..

  11. gardenax Says:

    Hey cool blog. It’s Globalsavior. Check mine out.

    Melbery: Awesome thanks!

  12. gardenax Says:

    Dude, you wanna in a friend’s group? I have lots of friends there, plus you can meet new people. Go to Nochia’s my friend on cp. And all of us have been planning on having a new friend. And we they can visit your site.

    Melbery: Huh I have a lot of friends Dgff101, Heatblast227, Tbone9090, Ojoc, Jonathan Rox, Icy Joker78, Piplup Ice99, Pizzapizza99, and lot more! What is your point I dont get it!

  13. gardenax Says:

    We’re not much of advertizers, it’s only me lol. Cause I’m a little bit of the group. I make diff friends.

  14. billythepet Says:

    I make my igloo in to ban
    is cool

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