Igloo Contest Winners announced!

Hey everyone I have the Igloo Contest results! Thankyou for everyone who participated! So, Now I will start with our 3rd Place winner!



Now For our Second Place Winner!



And Now for our 1st Place WINNER!



Thankyou to everyone! Also, if you know about Helen 2k5 the beta tester! Well anyway She added me on Club Penguin I will get proof soon! And post it!

Well thankyou and there are the results check back for more contests we might have another igloo contest those are fun!



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6 Comments on “Igloo Contest Winners announced!”

  1. beau5000 Says:

    ahhhhhhhhh i totaly forgot!!! i spent thousands of coins decorating but just missed it!!! but its ok i might win next time.

  2. gardenax Says:

    Wow you sure post a lot.

    Melbery: Yes I do! Thanks for look at my site! your cool! And your site is cool too! how long have you had your site?

  3. ummmmmmmmincp Says:

    lol i ran into henrys iggy at the wrong time didnt it

  4. boomboombu Says:

    Hey mel, I umm… well… i was at a sleepover and i really wish you could PLEASE come view mine! i know u wont change the results but.. you know? I was really looking forward to this and now? I’ve never won anything in my intire LIFE! I just want you to come visit… 5 mins?
    SERVER: Icebound
    PLACE: Boomboombu on the map
    WHO?: Melbery
    WHY: cause i was really looking forward to this and the sleepover was unexpected!!! PLZ COME!

  5. drewdrewli Says:

    ahh!! i decorated my igloo last night and today my parent told me i had to go to a dentist appointment. argh! you could still look at it in one of my post today 🙂

  6. billythepet Says:

    I LOST

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