Hey everyone Animaluver24 has won the poll of me posting about her!

So here is what she wants me to tell everyone!

Hello my name is Anmialuver24, I know a lot of penguins in real life including Melbery! I know Melbery, Patfat4, Dgff101, Haleysheart! I also have a lot of animals! I have a Dog named Weiler, I have a hamster named Squirt that Melbery gave me, and P-nut and Nailin and they are rats! I have nice friends and they are always there for me! I am horrible at a game, Me, Patfat4 and Melbery play at Patfat4s house called the door game! Dont ask! Well thats all I have to say!

That is what Animaluver had to tell all of you!


Also in other news please read this part here in the blue! Big party tommorrow All the information is down below! Tell all your friends post it on your site this is a huge party! This is my 9000 hits party! My 10,000 Hits party! And my 11,000 Hits party! All in one party! SO TELL EVERYONE GO GO GO!!!!! ADVERTISE TRY TO GET AS  MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!

When: Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Where: Club Penguin!

Server: Sleet

Place: Dock

Time: 2:00 PST! Penguin standard time!

Also I will be on Pizzapizza99s chat also I will be recording if we get enough people! Try to make this a huge party! Wear whatever you want! GO TELL EVERYONE!



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2 Comments on “Animaluver24”

  1. Sai8lnj Says:

    i’m comin and its me sai! 😀

  2. animaluver24 Says:

    i forgot i have 2 annoying cats named ashley and ninja

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