Hey guys its me nothinbut! I had the mostest genius idea evas! Lol by tht sentence u may think its not genius.Well,It is. As the name of the post says im gonna make a show called CPI. As you know american idol is starting up with a new judge!(u wont know this unless you are american) Well im like hmmm lets make an club penguin idol! Well you know on club penguin you cant sing.So i though of pictures. Some of the people (including me) cant draw or is bad at it. If so then you can write an amazing club penguin story. If you steal a picture or a story u will be kicked out. So now im gonna tell you the judges and who they will kinda act like. Me: Simon (some ppl say im cruel wuhahahha) Dgff: Cara (hes not as soft as paula but not as mean as simon) Melbery: Paula(sorry mel but ur like really nice) and last but not least….Chilly: RANDY DAWG!! (uh ur hip fachizle?) Those are the judges. Anyone can compete. CPI will start at the beginning of Febuary.  SO GET READY FOR CPI!!!!!


Dgff101says: do i look like cara to you?

Nothinbut: Im not responding to that

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