Go and Find out!

Hey guys! For the info on my recent parties today and tommorow, plz go on www.yert456blog.wordpress.com and go to party page. NOTE: I AM NOT ADVERTISING, REPEAT! I AM NOT ADVERTISING! And for those losers who told me to hack, met them on Pokemon Platnium, make their penguins members ONLY CUZ OF THE MEMBER PARTY, or ask for my password, I WILL NEVER DO THAT. So stop dreaming on! Reasons: 1. I am in a computer science class, and I took a pledge to NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVEEERRRRRR HACK, AND I AGREEE WITH THAT RULE. 2. Like pip said on PSTV site, I use my real name for my DS games, so ppl wont be spread rumors around the whole dang world. 3. YOU THINK I WOULD EVER MAKE YOU GUYS MEMBERS!? PLZZ ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS, OH WAIT, NEVER IN YOUR DREAMS! I am not the one who pays, my dad is. 4. I NEVER give my password to just ANYONE! I dont know who you are. So I might not know what you are doing to my peng! Anyways, come to my parties today and tommorow and HAVE FUN! Until more news, Waddle on!


!$~Yert 456~$!

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