hi everyone its me dg the site is doing very well today we have posted alot today and more people have been on our site today thnx everybody who has visited today!

dg out

~!Melbery!~ — Today we set the record of most people on the site at once and it was 28! Thanks everyone we had 28 people on our site at once and that is our record!

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7 Comments on “SITE DOING WELL TODAY!”

  1. boomboombu -on laptop- Says:

    plz un bann me on pizza’s chat!!!!!!! waddlguin banned me for spam while i was cleaning my keyboard and accidentally hit enter!!!

  2. boomboombu -on laptop- Says:


  3. CPTV agent Says:

    I….i….i….i…..i figured out who the girl is………….Its unbelieveable! I’m saying this to everyone who has a wordpress. At the author’s party, when it was almost finished heat was at the cove. I followed him ( I knew were he was, im his buddy) then i saw him and **********( I cant say the girl’s name because heat may not like that). they were both talking to each other and I recorded it!
    HEAT: hey!
    GIRL: hey heat! what are you up too?
    HEAT: I just left the author’s party, why didn’t you come?
    GIRL: I was there! There was too much people, mabe you couldnt see me lol!
    HEAT: lol! I know! Its tough to be walking around alone!
    GIRL: *Smiles*
    HEAT: listen, i know we have been friends since i first arrived in clubpenguin
    HEAT: and i think….
    GIRL: think wat?
    GIRL: heat you there!?
    HEAT: i think we should ya know….
    HEAT: *heart*
    GIRL: heat i can’t, im sorry
    GRIL: *sad face*
    HEAT: why?
    HEAT: *sad face*
    GIRL: what will your fans think of you?
    GIRL: I don’t want you to loose your CPTV job
    GIRL: because of us
    HEAT: i understand what you mean but
    HEAT: there must another way!
    GIRL: we will talk later before someone sees us..
    HEAT: OK
    HEAT: bye
    HEAT: *waves*
    GIRL: bye
    GIRL: *waves*

    I’m sorry that I snooped but, this is really important! Heat can be in trouble and quit CPTV for someone else! 😦

  4. Real Punk Says:

    cool ;P

  5. boomboombu -on laptop- Says:

    did that really happen????

    Melbery: YA!

  6. Mumbles1183 Says:

    yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! 28 ppl!!! compared to my site….. thats a lot. lol

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