16,000 Hits!

Hey everyone we went up 1,000 hits in one day! Now we have 16,000 hits! Thanks everyone! Also Me and Iscool87 is hosting  a party for us becoming authors on Heatblast227s site! Or CPTV! Anyway here is the information!

When: Saturday January 31, 2009

Where: Sleet, Melberys igloo!

Time: 12:00 PST (penguin standard time)

We had to change the time because the other time, I would be gone! So we changed the time and now it is 12:00 PST! I hope you can make it!



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3 Comments on “16,000 Hits!”

  1. silly8787 Says:

    yes i can make the party

  2. Hades Dude Says:

    Awesome I might come to the party btw Melbery I made you a widget for your site heres the link http://hadesdudewidgets.wordpress.com/about/

  3. I might be able to come.

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