New Page!

Hey everyone I just made a new page called the Header Shop! Please look at it and if you want a header just go to that page and order! Well hope you like it!



Also hurry and get your last votes in for Penguin of the Week!

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4 Comments on “New Page!”

  1. Hades Dude Says:

    Melbery I did that so you could have your own site widget. Thats why I have it up sorry for the misunderstanding

    Melbery: Its ok!

  2. Hades Dude Says:

    would you like the widget or do u want me to take it down?

    Melbery: I dont care! lol!

  3. Hades Dude Says:

    lol I saw you at the Waddlguins party last night. It was really crowded!

  4. Hades Dude Says:

    Is Your buddy list full on Cp? If not want to be my buddy Melbery?

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