hey guys its me dg i just wanted to show of some commercials i made!

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  1. ~beastahayes~ Says:

    author contest at my site plz come

  2. silly8787 Says:

    Woot i’m going to the live show

  3. Aan10 Says:

    I made an order in the header shop for my army’s header, and you said you didn’t get it, or it was a Valentines day header. Just one problem, I did make an order, I can clearly see it on the comments too. And, It was not a Valentines Day header, it is FOR AN ARMY!!! No offence there, just making sure you saw that. The comment is under my name “aan10” not in caps like now. Pleeaassee try to make the header for me. I need it by Wednesday. And if you can’t find my order, here it is:

    Club Penguin Name: Aan10

    What you want your header to say: Aqua Warriors (with these names below it: Ephris11, Andrew24, Aan10)

    What background: 1

    Link to your Penguin Picture:

    Extras: the penguin on both sides of the header like the others

    What theme: Freshy



    Melbery: Im really sorry about that I just got mixed up! Your header is going to have a delay because I am busy at the moment sorry!

  4. Aan10 Says:

    Thank you so much Melbery! You rock!!!!

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