Club Penguin in French and Puffle Furniture!

Hey people! Heatblast here! I just wanted to let you guys in on some updates happening soon on club penguin.

First of all, players can now  play club penguin in the french language!french launch.JPG

Second, puffles are soon going to be able to do tons of new stuff with their furniture! They will be able to play with toys, or sleep in beds you buy them!bed1.jpg

Well, that’s my post for today! Short and sweet! lol :mrgreen:


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4 Comments on “Club Penguin in French and Puffle Furniture!”

  1. heatblastr Says:

    lol which guy was u

  2. Vanila4 Says:

    Heatblast227, what’s ur e-mail? I would like to add u to my website as an author. So please send it in a comment or something. The authors currently for my site are: Vanila4 (Me), Breeanna16, Tbone9090, Burnt, and Sg Slider. Please visit my site and send me ur e-mail!

    ~Vanila4 😉

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