DISNEY XD,Toy Update, Sorry mel ‘~’

Hey everyone Chilly here! This is for Mel, Well sorry for getting bad about you Comp Bg heh heh.. the thing is some guy was using my exact same header and editing his site name into it so i got a little carried away. Hope we can be cool 😀 

In other news,

Disney XD is out! If you don’t know what Disney XD is it’s a new channel Replacing Toon Disney! 
For Reviews,Pics,and more click below-


 but dont stay their to long 😉 

And Last but now least heres a toy update from the club penguin blog!


Hello Penguins! 

A lot of you have told us you’d really like to see more Club Penguin toys. We’re excited to let you know that there are new ones coming! We know that for some of you the toys have been tough to find, so we’re working really hard to make sure there are more of this next series for everyone.

If you haven’t already, sometime really soon you’ll see new 6″ Limited Edition penguins and 2″ Mix & Match figures at North American Toys’R’Us locations, North American Disney Stores and Theme Parks, at the Club Penguin Online Shop, and in Disney Stores in the UK. 

g.jpgAs always, we’d love to hear what you think.

In Other News: The team is still working hard to fix the bugs that some of you are experiencing with your puffles. We really, really appreciate your patience and we’ll let you know when all those bugs are squashed!

Until then… Waddle on! 

-Club Penguin Team



By Billybob on February 14 2009 05:08

Well thats all i have to tell for now!

Happy Valentines day!



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2 Comments on “DISNEY XD,Toy Update, Sorry mel ‘~’”

  1. blackbeard76 Says:

    Hi Melbery who did you say ok too? And great post!
    Chilly- Please pay attention. As i have said many times in this post I WROTE THIS POST not mel or any other of the authors. But than anyway 😆

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