Hello everyone Melbery here, as you see the post has a title of News again! A lot of my posts will have that name!

Anyway, The Weekly Page was recently updated so check that out! We have a new Penguin and Site of the Week! So go ahead check out those!

We also have new Sponsors on our Sponsors page! So check out all of our sponsors!

Also on the Header Shop page as you see the comments are blocked! So for that reason that means I am currently not making headers the comments will be back on in a while!

Dgff101 was over at my house today he lives a long ways away from me and if some of you didnt know yes we are cousins! He is sick and we think he might be getting Strep Throat!!!!!!

Also I will be adding the New Header up soon because Valentines Day is pretty much over and I hope you had a good Valentines day!

The poll Place Page is also updated and I think it has 5 new polls so go and vote! Those polls will be open until next saturday!

I will update you on more news once I get some and I will tell you if Dgff101 is doing better or not wish him the best luck!

See ya!


dgff101 says: im very dizzy and i cant stand up straight i mumble things that are weird and i have a fever

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6 Comments on “News!”

  1. 5souljaboy 1 Says:

    Cool i can’t wait for the new poll’s and header shop see yea mel
    ~5souljaboy 1

  2. jellodelemon Says:

    i had strep throat a little earlier than went away yesterday (friday).but anyways i’ll get alot better soon.

  3. jellodelemon Says:

    one more thing. you forgot to mention that you got a couple thousand more views.

  4. Pengbro2 Says:

    Oh man! I hope Dgff101 gets better! PLEASE don’t let him get Strep Throat! I really didn’t like it!

    We Waddle On!

  5. Da Green Says:

    sorry that is happening. Tell him Da Green said “HOPE YOU GET BETTER”!

  6. blackbeard76 Says:

    Cool post. Dj has strep? If you find out he does tell him that blackbeard76 wishes get better. See you later Dj and mel.

    Melbery: I sure will but his name is Dg Dgff101 so we call him Dg not Dj but good try!

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