Funny Pictures I found!

I was searching on Google and stuff and I came across some funny pictures take a look and tell me what you think! By the way I DONT LIKE CATS!

my cookie?

I think these are hilarious even though I dont like cats!

Anyway I look at pictures a lot when I get bored so there you go you know what I do now!

And also we might be getting some more updates soon!


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5 Comments on “Funny Pictures I found!”

  1. jellodelemon Says:

    i liked the 3rd picture!

  2. tmmrocks Says:

    LOL i have to e-mail them if thats ok with mel …no copy rights?

  3. Penguin Says:

    I have that on that says ‘You eated my cookie’ Lol!

  4. Thaper Says:

    Hi Mel those are all lol funny, but my favorite is the “You eated my cookie” one.

  5. Quackers 66 Says:

    This has nofing to do with cp!!!!!

    Melbery: I know but does my site have to do with everything Club Penguin?

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