New Author

Hey guys im the new author here for 2 days(Conner91),you may or may not know me from pizzapizzas website or blueheros,heres a little about me!
Favourite food:Meat,Milk
Hobbies:Video making,Videogames,Hanging out with friends,Playing halo 3
I met pizza in real life in kindergarden and we became friends,then in 4th grade pizza showed me this kool game called Cluboenguin,so i tried it out!Then one day i was looking up stuff for it and i found a video by Paperyoshiii and i told pizza about youtube videos,then he made some ,then i made some,then he became a author on heats sight and ya thats how it all started for me!

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5 Comments on “New Author”

  1. jamw1221 Says:

    I know you 😐 make me member in pizza’s chat


  2. Snuggles0507 Says:

    Well I’m happy for you that you like Club Penguin and you made this website. I hope you enjoy Club Penguin and have fun with your website!

    Melbery: Thankyou!

  3. dylan422 Says:

    thats awesome.can u add me on clubpenguin????

    Melbery: Thankyou for visiting the site but I have no idea of who you are asking to add you on Club Penguin you are probably talking about Conner91 well I am Melbery the site owner and I am currently not adding on Club Penguin and where did you find this site and I hope you like it!

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