We need everyones help!

Hello everyone we need all of your help and BIG TIME! We know that some of you like our site, and we know that we have a lot of new updates! But we just want this site the best it can possibly be!!! We need your ideas and opinons of what we should do to our site maybe something to do with pictures and widgets!! We need ideas can you think of anything to make this site over the top! If you think of anything go ahead and tell us we need IDEAS! PLEASE HELP!


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7 Comments on “We need everyones help!”

  1. 5souljaboy 1 Says:

    Hmmm il try to figure out something ok see yea

  2. Thaper Says:

    First Comment!
    Ummmmmm… I think you should show viewers videos or you could make puzzles for viewers to figure out! HOPE I HELPED!

  3. Thaper Says:

    opps its not first comment

  4. silly8787 Says:

    I think more contests

    Melbery: I mean something that will stay on the site forever like our new updates like the buttons over on the side (widgets)

  5. Burnt Says:

    mission guides
    free penguins

    Melbery: Well I have tried the Free Penguins and that didnt turn out so great and i have tried the Videos and that didnt turn out so great I thought about doing mission guides but usually people can do that themselves and secret?????

  6. mateobeccar Says:

    Add more funny pics! You can copy some of mine. I got tons! Just as long as credit is given if i made the pic

  7. jamw1221 Says:

    Make me admin lol jk jk but i think you should add clubpenguin music videos and movies you made

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