hi guys its me dg i promised screen shots so here they are!

puffle-drew-mepuffle-party-pet-shoppuffle-party-dockpuffle-party-light-housewell there you go you will have to get on cp to see the rest bye!


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3 Comments on “SCREENSHOTS”

  1. Chrisdog93 Says:

    Hey what do you need?

    Melbery: Chrisdog93 I needed to talk to you about something but we would have to get on chat in order to that is that ok? Comment back and I will answer!

  2. Yert 456 Says:

    DARN IT!!! LIKE ALWAYS, AN AUTHOR BEATS ME TO POSTING A CP UPDATE, sometimes can you plz let me post a cp update? Im tired of ppl posting when im about to post

  3. Snuggles0507 Says:

    Is this part of the Nachos sight?

    Melbery: This is PART of the nachos site but we sponsor the Nachos Army

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