Hey everyone, Melbery here, sorry I didnt post yesterday my computer crashed and it has a Trojan Virus. It is sort of depressing. Anyways, I have seen the White Puffle. Also I got this off of another website and Chrisdog93 found this in a Club Penguin Video!

Well I really have nothing else to say. Also I want to know your favorite room on Club Penguin


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One Comment on “UGH!”

  1. ZAPPER903 Says:

    umm mel thats copying Chris…but whatever hmm wheres ur big suprise? WOOPS!!!!!!!! INGORE WHAT I JUST SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! …. umm there is no suprise umm ohh k bye mel cya in a few mins im comin on chat

    MElbery: I am not copying him I gave him credit for what he did!

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