Other site got deleted so check this one out!

Hello everyone Melbery here, the site I said in the last post got deleted so check this one out! www.animalarmies.wordpress.com

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2 Comments on “Other site got deleted so check this one out!”

  1. 12cody12 Says:

    hey thx so much dude you Rock!!!! I was so angry that i had to Delete my word press so madd. Bart bo29 caused me to delete it. your my bff YOur the bast i just cant stop talking about how great you are!!!! Mimo777 is so mean he does not care about his comments.. He does not even have a mind like you.. I hope that youll become so fomos you’ll be offerd a moderatership on club penguin PS that is true to get a free moderation ship.. u rock!!!! And you always respond to the comment Ill come here always Ill put a big avertisement on all my sites 😉 !! TIS is the best site .. Hey plus would you like to be In my wordpress ??? we can be a army supporting YOU!!!!!!.

    THX 🙂 . 1212cody
    Melbery: Wow that comment means a lot thankyou a lot! I am not becoming site authors for awhile sorry!

  2. 12cody12 Says:

    http://1212cody.wordpress.com/ HEy Melbery:) I made a site like yours.. You really impacted me… THis is my main site there here hold all my WordPress.. i cant thank You enough and were is the avertisement page… plz tell everbody about my site plzz and search 1212cody.. :0 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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