1221jamw here and guess what CP HAS GONE MAD!!!!! I got banned for no reson at all! It’s only for 24 hours. Please if anyone got banned for no reason tell me

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3 Comments on “CP HAS GONE MAD”

  1. 1963pengie Says:

    i cant go on my beta penguin people are using insane hacks like getting items someone banned a guy he came on 14 hours late saying he was banned for no reason cp is going mad

  2. emilylondon Says:

    Guess what??
    It’s because the new and improved penguin trainer is out. Only certain people can get it because it’s password protected, and it works on the new Club penguin! :0 Change your password and email cp about it!!!!

  3. sunammie5 Says:

    i havnt but my friend 8bluedude8 keeps getting banned for no reason

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