omg i cant believe it its me dg and THE WHITE PUFFLES ARE COMING FRIDAY OMG!


cp said they where SMALLER puffles so they could do some awsome tricks!


in my opinion they do look kinda small and the one next too the rock looks like a baby puffle!

when they come out on friday what are you ganna name urs i have no idea about mine so comment on this post on what u might name ur white puffle


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10 Comments on “WHITE PUFFLES!”

  1. sunammie5 Says:

    whoa ill watch out

  2. Dgff101 Says:

    xat is having alot of glitches today and idk!

  3. Vanila4 Says:

    If it’s for non-members I’m gonna name is Snowball. I said non-member ’cause I’m not a member 😦


  4. nacho205 Says:

    Im non member so chances are I wont be able to get it. But if i did get one I would name it Jango 8) or waffle

  5. Thaper Says:

    Ill name mine Snowball, too! Good Idea!

  6. Thaper Says:

    I copyed this paragraph to my site but I said dgff101 made it and its from melbery.wordpress.com so its not ilegal.

  7. Thaper Says:

    Is that ok? If not then I’ll delete it off my site.
    Melbery: That is ok if we get credit!

  8. Dgff101 Says:

    thaper since i did that pic i will aloww you to use it since everybodys been using it so anybody can feel free too use it!

  9. riri37 Says:

    the white puffles are so cute

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