Awesome thing I made!

Hello everyone Melbery here! This poster I made is telling you to visit our site everyday! I think it is cool! Well here it is!Photobucket


Hope you like it!


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4 Comments on “Awesome thing I made!”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Melbery, I am really sorry about what happened. I obviously know you won’t believe this, but when I was closing a window, lots of blank tabs and windows started to open. I had never experienced this before, it’s as if somebody had hacked into my computer.

    ~ |Globalsavior|

  2. Bertha Says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  3. oyosho Says:

    is the pengy in the pic next to you chilly or dg?
    Melbery: It is Dgff101, Chilly doesnt really get on that much anymore!

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