Friends come and go so fast

As you may know Melbery will be quitting on July 6th, 2009. When this happens Dgff101 will be in control. I will be second in control. IT will be a very sad moment because tons of the group’s friends quit. The group was Pat97pat, Vrael89, Chilly1248, Cody227, Nothinbut, Dgff101, and Melbery. Right now we have Pat97pat, Cody227, Dgff101, Melbery, and Nothinbut. But soon it will be four. Melbery will post on the site maybe once a month but will no longer be joining us on Club Penguin and xat. But we will never forget these penguins…

Now, and forever, never forget……


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12 Comments on “Friends come and go so fast”

  1. Thaper Says:

    I don’t think Melbery should quit at all. I think that’s kinda crazy to quit once you start to get really famous. If i were you, I wouldn’t quit, but just not do it as often! Hope you dont quit!


  2. rythym135790 Says:

    your kidding right? WHAT THE HECK šŸ˜¦ why?? IM GUNNA stay on cp until forevr ill be a moderator person
    Melbery: No he isnt kidding. I am quitting July 6, 2009 unless I change my mind.

  3. Ryu10 Says:

    but why….

    well if it is your choice go ahead
    its not my choice its your CHOICE

    like my quote

    ” No one can control your life, you could do whatever, whenever, and much more”

    well i hope you have a good time after you quit

  4. Hey, Melbery.
    I just wanted to ask if i can become an author on your website? I no that your quitting and thats sad so let me no on my website
    Melbery: I am currently not adding authors, and you never know. I could stay longer if I really want to.

  5. rythym135790 Says:

    :O! change your mind!! really. I am not kidding PLEASE change ure mind wait is that like your birthdaty? at least get a weeworld! they are NOT even CLOSE to clubpenguin or babyish seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANGE YOUR MIND! or just like go on but not as much!

  6. Splasher99 Says:

    What? Why is everyone quitting?

  7. Dgff101 Says:


  8. Nothinbut Says:

    amen pat amen…..
    P.S. I know dgff! Nobody knows that i think. THe only loser that stay on when hes like 15 would be warranty

  9. tmmrocks Says:

    when u get older u have better things to do…. i will miss u mel šŸ˜¦ :(:(:(:(:(:(

  10. sunammie5 Says:

    Awwww well i understand your going to highschool so ya but were going to miss you šŸ™‚ but dont give away your penguin just in case u change your mind

  11. silly8787 Says:

    i totaly understand im 12 and im soon going to quit to but Club penguin will miss you but before you leave we should have a party but whe that day hits it will be a sad day for all your friends:(

  12. NewsReporter Gordo Says:

    Hey pat what do yo think about chilly quiting? Were u his friend?

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