I need ideas.

Hey everyone Melbery here, I know this doesnt have any thing to do with Club Penguin but I have a question. I hate eating breakfast. I need ideas of what to eat for breakfast but dont get to fancy! Can you help?


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14 Comments on “I need ideas.”

  1. Motor20 Says:

    Try pancakes they are good =)

  2. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    You can put bananas on just about any breakfast cereal. Try Weetabix (In America you might say something else lol!) with bananas, or Corn flakes or even toast, or both!

  3. bluebirdboy1 Says:

    Try eggs and toast. And probably a bowl of your favourite cereal to top it off! lol. Thats what I’d do.

  4. Nothinbut Says:

    Eat some toast or something thats what i do

  5. uh idk cereal? poptarts just eat something WAFFLES!

  6. Catboy098 Says:

    Waffles! Get the Eggos Choco Chip or Blueberry. They are the best!

  7. Vanila4 Says:

    Idk, just eat a Poptart or something. Lol

    ~Vanila4 😀

  8. Aan10 Says:

    What i get is frozen waffles and pancakes (sometimes mini) and they are pretty good for being frozen! Another thing is a bowl of cereal with strawberries in it and with a side of toast. 🙂

  9. wackibob Says:

    I usually have eggs and a waffle

  10. Ryu10 Says:

    i just eat eggs and beacon with orange juice

  11. jamw1221 Says:

    ok if its not too much truble get an eg and pour syrup on it!

  12. jtangel27 Says:

    Well, if you ever eat steack and potatoes for dinner the night before, ask who ever makes your breakfast to put them in some eggs, and add some kechup. Its soooo good!


  13. sunammie5 Says:

    I think Aan has a great idea i think ill try that! thanks!
    Melbery: Remember Saturday is your last day. I would post a couple more times.

  14. gamerluda Says:

    eat cookies lol with milk lol

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