Im very disappointed!

Hello everyone, Melbery here. Probably all of you know my video has been delted. I dont even know how it was copyrighted. I am very disappointed and I worked hard on that video. I am ashamed and I am definatly going to email Youtube. Well, I have to go do my homework. But I will be on chat after that. So come talk to me and some CPTV authors and my cousin Dgff101!


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3 Comments on “Im very disappointed!”

  1. Jellodelemon Says:

    speaking of cousins,i have a cousin that has a cp account. hes Lb12463.And I feel sorry for you losing your videos 😦 .

  2. mateobeccar Says:

    Dude I know how to go around the copyrights. Meaning u can upload copyrighted songs on Youtube.

    Comment on my site if your interested…

    Pat Said: I meant to say that I know how to check copyrights so your video does not get removed

  3. Leroy Jenkz Says:

    Melerby can you make a GCA widget saying to go to GCA?But dont make it yet ill tell when to

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