hey guys its me dg im having a crazzzzy dressed party! its ganna be awesome the party will be filmed and i will put some edits in with my new editor one true media i will pick a nonmember winner and a member winner i will add the winners also!

i will view pengs and it will be loads of fun! dont say pick me pick me or i wont pick you some suggestions

1. sometimes coin code items can help you creative!

3.have fun dont make this hard!

thats my tips! now heres the info!

day tuesday the 24th of march


time: 4 pst

where: lighthouse

cya there oh also i will be standing up on the stage of the lighthouse feel free too come up there!


guys im not ganna use one true media i see now that there edits are alittle trashy i may use it one more time sometime but im ganna stick with good ol movie maker πŸ˜€ OH BUT WAIT GUESS WHAT THIS PARTY WILL BE FILMED FOR DG TV EPISODE 2!

~dgff101~ 😑 😦  πŸ˜†

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  1. Mystery305 Says:

    Ill be at the party today. See ya all there.

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