Catalog not out yet?

ok guys its me dg i got on cp and when i went into the gift shop the new catalog wasnt out penguins were arguing that they were still asleep ok lets talk thats not how it works it gets released by 12 pst automatticly its probably just a little problem i will have cheats released when i get home also i thought this was really mean


i did not say that


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4 Comments on “Catalog not out yet?”

  1. Mario42 Says:

    dg why don’t you e-mail that to cp so that way they can ban that person

  2. littleg1000 Says:

    ya that happened to me too!!!! but now it’s workin.

  3. Perry 111 Says:

    yea that happened once to me but it WAS after 12:00 am pst. this time, i forgot about the new catalog and got on the bus for school before i could remember.

  4. Artiguana123 Says:

    e mail me at can i be an author?

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