Lets try to break a record thingy!

Hey everyone Melbery here, as you see from the title I kinda want to break a record, so here is what we are gonna do!

I want everyone who visits this site to tell all your friends to visit this site! Everyone! Tell them to get on this website and get on http://xat.com/melbery the record is try to get as many people on this website possible so tell all your friends and everyone to search Melbery on Club Penguin (if it will work)

Here is when we are gonna break the record

When: Wednesday,  April 8 2009

Where: https://melbery.wordpress.com

Time: All day!

So are you gonna do it and lets during that time get 50,000 hits and we will have a contest and a party! Then I couldnt wait to get 50000 more to reach 100,000 can we do it so visit this site every day and especially visit on the date above.

Remember to go on my chat when you are visiting the site!

Also if you havent yet check out the fun stuff page we have added some new pictures!

Also have you been watching the MPD Tracker page??? And keep on watching on the MPD page for contests too! During Wednesday April 8,2009 we are gonna have a lot of posts and stuff so you will want to watch!


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23 Comments on “Lets try to break a record thingy!”

  1. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:


  2. Inubakakid Says:

    😮 😮 i wanna help break a record!!! 😮 😮 i want to enter the contest and goto the party o_o what is the contest the one on the post above thus one?

  3. clubpenguinsaenz98 Says:

    OK i really want to be an athour!!!!! soo pick me for the contest!

  4. silly8787 Says:

    This Post is awsome

  5. silly8787 Says:

    I hope in an author

  6. withyoually Says:

    I will help Melbery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. faisal362 Says:


  8. Mystery305 Says:



  9. Mystery305 Says:


  10. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    I’m a computer geek and over here in Britain, when it snowed, there was transport chaos. The National Rail website crashed and I’m telling you now: With your huge site, and all your viewers, YOUR

  11. eggfamilycp2 Says:

    site will crash!

    sorry my computer went mental

  12. Kylesodfresh12 Says:

    This is the best site EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys rock

    GO MPD!!!!!

  13. Inubakakid Says:

    i gonna help break the record

  14. Inubakakid Says:

    i like breaking record things

  15. Inubakakid Says:

    well im bored

  16. Inubakakid Says:

    what to do

  17. Inubakakid Says:

    i know!!

  18. Inubakakid Says:

    wait i forgot

  19. Inubakakid Says:

    what was it again

  20. Inubakakid Says:

    hmm…. what was i gonna do?

  21. Inubakakid Says:

    oh i know

  22. Inubakakid Says:

    im gonna help break the record thingy

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