Contest time!

Come chat with Melbery!


Hey everyone Melbery here, it is time for a contest! One reason I am having my contest is my site got 50,000 hits and soon I will have a party! Anway I have had this kind of contest before and I made it a little easier but not too much easier!

This is what you have to do!

Put the items all in one comment all extra comments will be deleted!

You can guess more than one time and there is only 1 winner!

If you do not follow these instructions well you probably wont win!

If you win you get to add me (Melbery) and you get a post about you  on CPTV site and my site!

So good luck!



Please be a good sport and do not complain if you do not win. There will always be more contests!

Thanks and have fun and remember to come chat with me!

Link is at the top!

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3 Comments on “Contest time!”

  1. bobo422 Says:

    1.St. Patrick hat
    2.Red Team face paint
    3.I Heart my puffle shirt
    4.Baseball MIT
    5.Shes ;P
    6.Secret agent spy phone
    Melbery: Wrong

  2. ps2dude87 Says:

    1. St.Patrick Day Hat
    2. Red Team face paint
    3. I Heart my puffle T-shirt
    4. baseball mit
    5. sparkly shoes
    6. secret angent spy phone

    I know this may sound like I’m copying rom bobo but im not
    Melbery: This is wrong.

  3. brandon971 Says:

    1.St.patricks day hat team face paint
    3.I heart my puffle T-shirt mit sneakers
    6.Spy phone
    Melbery: This is wrong.

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