Post about Da Green

Hey everyone Melbery here, Da Green has won my last contest and he won a post all about him. So here it is!

”I am so glad that I won this contest and Great Job to everyone who tried! I am 10 years old and my hobbies are playing soccer, video games, and playing out side.” ~Da Green

Wow he didnt have much to say did he?

Well thanks for everyone who participated!


dgff101: u didnt use ur signutare

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17 Comments on “Post about Da Green”

  1. Da Green Says:

    yea i didnt lol!

  2. thaperoncp Says:

    Cool, I hope I can win a contest!

  3. Inubakakid Says:

    i will win the contest!!

  4. Inubakakid Says:

    hmmmm………….. what to comment about

  5. Inubakakid Says:

    i must think of something

  6. thaperoncp Says:

    Da green. Congrats!

  7. Inubakakid Says:

    😮 😮 pretty pretty new heaer

  8. Inubakakid Says:


  9. Andy255 Says:

    Congrats!! oh and melbery cool header!!

  10. Charmy 99 Says:

    Nice Header Melbery!

  11. Inubakakid Says:

    must win contest

  12. rythym135790 Says:

    cool! man 3 new pages of posts and wow! sorry i havent been here in a while! lol! ive been busy on spring break!!

  13. Ryu10 Says:

    Congrats Da Green

  14. sebmendez Says:

    Congrats Da Green!

  15. Inubakakid Says:

    im bored

  16. Inubakakid Says:

    but yay!!! spring break

  17. la la la la la la im not logged in

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