Thnx everybody for ur support

hey guys its me dg me and mel always wake up with a smile on our faces every morning too know that ppl visit his site and its all because of u guys u guys are the main supporters of our site and i want to give a thnx too everyone! so dont forget too come too my party i will be filming!

where: dock

Server: rainbow

time 4 pst

day: friday

why: for dg tv episode 4 and for alot of fun!

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14 Comments on “Thnx everybody for ur support”

  1. Vanila4 Says:

    Hi Mel! Hi Dg! Sorry if I’m bugging you, but umm.. could I mabye be an author? I promise that I’ll do good, I have two site of my own!


  2. Inubakakid Says:

    i might be able to make it

  3. silly8787 Says:


  4. silly8787 Says:


  5. silly8787 Says:


  6. silly8787 Says:


  7. Charmy 99 Says:

    your welcome! I come on this website every day!

  8. Inubakakid Says:

    fun fun

  9. Inubakakid Says:

    i will win the contest

  10. Inubakakid Says:


  11. Inubakakid Says:

    im bored

  12. Ryu10 Says:

    your welcome Dg.

  13. Andy255 Says:

    I will be coming!!

  14. I hope I can come, but I’m not sure if I can. My parents are both working tonight, and when they leave, I can’t go back on the computer. 😦

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