Hey guys!

Hey guys! Heatblast here! I made a new pivot video today, enjoy!


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10 Comments on “Hey guys!”

  1. 65mimi Says:


  2. Charmy 99 Says:

    LoL! you are awsome at making vids!

  3. silly8787 Says:

    Heat you have been making awsome videos keep up the good work

  4. supereagan2 Says:

    Want to be an author of my site? If, yes, just comment on my site.

  5. Ryu10 Says:


  6. Weird, but HYSTERICAL! :mrgreen:

  7. ksbunny1 Says:


  8. Lukasmb Says:

    LOL!! 😆 I love pivot! But havent put any on youtube yet. Cool vid love it.

  9. Dominick Blu Says:

    That video is the best yet besides stickfigure macanics!

  10. slade77712onclubpenguin Says:

    lol.can u visit xat.com/slade77712 ?

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