Hey everyone Melbery here, that post below thankyou for answering and you guys made me feel better. Well anyway school is almost out for me and I am state testing right now. It is awesome! The teachers give us candy, pop, and more! It is really fun! Well anyway enjoy the rest of the site. Also the Weekly page and Poll Place page will be updated by saturday. Thankyou!


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12 Comments on “Ok!”

  1. cpjaxdaxter Says:

    what is the reason for this?
    Melbery: I made this post because I was bored and the post below explains a little.

  2. Elizabeth123 Says:

    We call “State Testing”I leap, and next year it will be called “Leap”. I was it my commet that made u feel better? or was it someone ulse. Or was it them and me?

    WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :()
    Melbery: Happy Birthday this is the third person I know who’s birthday’s today. A girl in one of my classes, my assistant band director, and you!

  3. Elizabeth123 Says:

    I didnt mean to put a sad face, I ment to put a happy face!

  4. pemguim4319 Says:

    Please check out my Club penguin cheat site at Pemguim4319.wodpress.com

  5. pemguim4319 Says:

    i mean pemguim4319.wordpress.com

  6. Charmy 99 Says:

    Your welcome!!! 😀

  7. breeanna16 Says:

    Umm, whats state testing?

    Melbery: State testing is like a big taste required for your state.

  8. Nothinbut Says:

    WTF Pop? Pop is for the Yankees ppl and New Yorkers. We call it SODA cuz pop sounds like weird and why would you call an ontomatopeia a soda

  9. Vanila4 Says:

    Oh cool! During my state testing, the teacher never handedo out anything but pencils.. Anyways, good look on State Testing!!


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