Stanley Cup Playoff 2009 Party

Hey everyone it’s playoff time for the nhl so lets have a party if you don’t know what the Stanley cup playoffs is there is 16 teams who make it in there are 4 rounds and only one winner and they win the Stanley cup heres a litle video of the stanly cup playoffs this is the 2003 video but i like it so here it is.

Heres the party info

Day: Thursday


Place:Silly8787 igloo

Time:4:00 club penguin time

Them: Hockey

I hope everyone can make it to the party 🙂

Have a good day Silly8787

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3 Comments on “Stanley Cup Playoff 2009 Party”

  1. Ny Waddler Says:

    i love hockey! im gona be an NHL player when i grow up

  2. Ny Waddler Says:

    i play ice hockey. i couldnt make it to the party sorry i had a baseball game

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