New widget.

Hey everyone Melbery here, we have finally gotten a new widget. It isnt that exciting, but it may help you with some of the commenting contests. 

There is a widget that I made that shows how many comments this site has. Can we raise those comments high? Lets try!!!


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4 Comments on “New widget.”

  1. Withyoually Says:

    That cool man!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Spykid11 Says:


    btw, why do you have two widgets that leads to this site?
    remove 1 plz.
    And remove that “whatever you do” thing
    bcause thats get virsues in my computer.
    Melbery: Ummmmm, why should I remove one? One of them is an older version. I like widgets and I shouldnt take one down this is my site. That whatever you do thing just dont click it.

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