Hey everyone Melbery here, I will be gone for the weekend, so that means the Poll Place page will not be updated or neither will the Weekly Page until either late Sunday or Monday. Also, many people havent been commenting so keep on commenting! We would like to know your opinion on things like on posts, pages, and other things! Just post comments asking questions! Our most popular page is Talk to the Authors Page! One of our top commenters is Ryu10 So thanks and there are more other good commenters! You can see how many comments this site has currently by checking the How many Comments this Site has widget! So go ahead and im sorry about the pages, and remember tommorrow is Eduardbest1’s last day on the site and he said he will make his final post tomorrow, so tell him bye then!


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5 Comments on “Woops…”

  1. Mystery305 Says:

    K well ill see ya next week buddy.

  2. jtangel27 Says:

    Hmmmm, were are you going mel?


  3. Charmy 99 Says:

    sorry I havnt commenting a lot :mrgreen: although I come here all the time. Bye for now!

  4. Ny Waddler Says:

    i will comment alot for ya mel

  5. Withyoually Says:

    ok cya later Melbery and you don’t need to updated the pages, you are like the best author here and Dgff!!!!!!!!!!


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