Hey guys its me Dg last night we were at the races my dad races dirt track modifids he got 14th outta 20th. But it was the first race also he came in from the track with a dent where he gets out and i was trying too pound on it but i coudnt fix it lol. But the races ended at 11 o clock at night and i was as tired as heck. Once we got back it was about 2 am but i slept most of the way home and i woke up once saying WHERES THE TRUCKSTOP? LOL so i was pretty knocked out.


i could possibly be having a party today so check back!

Also guys on these last too posts make shure too comment!

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2 Comments on “Back”

  1. spykid12 Says:

    Welcome Back!! 😀

  2. rythym135790 Says:

    Lol Whers the truckstop? LOL!!! Oh and u know Mumble is myfriend u know mumble4x3 hehehhehehheehheheheee

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