Hey everyone Melbery here, many things going on around here latley! Sadly to say Eduardbest1 had to leave today because his week was up! I also that Dgff101 made a picture but I got rickrolled by my own site! Well, and I am very happy so far because my site is winning site of the YEAR! Woo. Also we almost have 60,000 hits and thanks for commenting more guys!

One more thing, the pages wont be updated until tommorrow (monday) because it is late here and I just got home.

New header is coming soon so keep checking back at the site!


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3 Comments on “Wowie!”

  1. Ryu10 Says:

    3,000 till 60,000

  2. Charmy 99 Says:

    Woo hoo!!! I cant wait to see the header there always awsome!!!!

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