New Feature announced!

Hey everyone Melbery here, I am now done with the new feature on the site. It may be exciting, but it helps you explore this site a little better! It is the second widget on the right… it says click a random link. Click it and it takes you about on the site! Try it, it is very addicting! Hope you have fun with it!


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6 Comments on “New Feature announced!”

  1. thaperoncp Says:

    Oh before you made this post I saw that cool widget random link, and I went to the Glitch post to make penguins have no names, I tried it, and it works!

  2. love 128 Says:

    Hi try and get 60000 hits? wow

  3. spykid12 Says:

    Nice widget!

  4. Hey howd you make that header.
    Are you sponsoring jonatheanrox?
    Both of your sites are SOOO cool!

    ~Ambassador Money201cash
    Planet Cazmo Ambassador

    (P.S. my penguin is like 913 days old no joke)
    Melbery: Yes I am sponsoring Club Penguin Buzz (jonathan rox). Also mine is about as old! And thanks!

  5. Cool
    Hey Melbery, how did you make your header?
    I like how you have lines around your penguin.


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