Hey everyone Melbery here, I have a question and something to tell you. When I got on Club Penguin I clicked on a persons player card. This is what happened.
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Do all non-members have their player card like this? This also happened to some members. I think it is a glitch!


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13 Comments on “Umm.”

  1. dylan422 Says:

    ya that is weird…..

  2. Charmy 99 Says:

    well nonmembers don’t have a badge to show. Members do have a badge. If your looking at your buddy list and theres a member penguin that is not online then his or hers badge won’t show. Also somtimes nonmembers buy stuff from the treasure book so they look like a member. Thats what I think

  3. Catboy098 Says:

    OMG! the other day my friend, Catz900, logged on and it said he didn’t have any items or pins/backgrounds and said he was like 1,400 day old! lol

  4. Ryu10 Says:

    ummm idk what to say

  5. wolfpup78 Says:

    today my membership expired. but i still have my non member stuff and my treasure book items.

  6. lucky4069 Says:

    can i b an author on cptv

  7. Sheepman Says:

    Calll yourself an expert…

  8. beardedcrest Says:

    I don’t know…..

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